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Family Practice Partners list of approved health links.  Start here to research your questions on the web.

Dr. Susan Andrews 
Dr. Randall Rickard


  • After Breast Cancer So you've finished your treatments- this site helps you figure out what to expect.
  • Alcohol Information Check out this site to find out all kinds of information about drinking- what is safe, what might not be and what can help.
  • Anxiety in Children Good information about anxiety disorders in the pediatric age range.
  • Avoid Falls Are you worried about falling, or care for someone who might? This site will tell you how to fall-proof your home.
  • Bedwetting Help This commercial site is a good resource for the difficult problem of bedwetting.
  • BMI Calculator BMI calculator - calculate your body fat level.
  • Breast Cancer Survivor Support Go here for a good site for women who are survivors of breast cancer.
  • Cancer Information Basic information about most cancers and their treatment can be found here.
  • Cancer.org American Cancer Society's site about prevention and treatment of all kinds of cancer.
  • CDC Information about vaccines, travel, health.
  • Children's Health Information Wonderful assortment of approved health information for parents and children from Dr. Paul.
  • Cholesterol lowering diet AHA site with good information about diets to lower cholesterol.
  • Cholesterol management AHA site about high cholesterol and its treatment.
  • Chronic Back Pain support site People who use this site have better control of their chronic back pain.
  • Colon Cancer Screening This site explains your choices for colon cancer screening.
  • Council on Aging, Rutherford County Rutherford County Council on Aging has a lot of support and information about aging and Alzheimers.
  • Dash Diet Great site for healthy diet education.
  • Depression Screen If you are feeling blue, take this quiz and bring it in to your doctor.
  • Diabetes.org The American Diabetes Association home page with helpful links on nutrition, weight loss, and exercise.
  • Diabetes Site NIH information site about diabetes
  • Drug Checker Find out about medication side effects and interactions here.
  • Family Depression Awareness Go to this site for help with identifying and helping family members with depression.
  • Family Doctor Site Start here to find out all kinds of health information for you and your family.
  • Family Medical Book This Family Doctor site is just like having a home reference library! Medical Information for the whole family right here!
  • Food Safety Check here for food safety information.
  • Foreign Language Handouts For handouts in another language, click here.
  • FPP Kids Page Kids, check this out for great sites and fun stuff!
  • FPP Parents Page Parents, get questions answered here.
  • FPP Teen Page Teens, check this site for all kinds of health info just for you!
  • Harvard's Heath Site As you might expect, Harvard provides another excellent source for health info.
  • Health Agent/DPOA Form that states your choice of the person to make health care decisions for you if you are unable to. Print out this form, fill it out, then have witnesses and a notary sign it.
  • Health Exchange Go to this site to sign up for health insurance through the Federal Exchange. You may qualify for subsidies- you may get a discount on insurance here.
  • Health Information Potpourri All kinds of health-related news and info, along with animation and cool tools are found at Dr Koop's site.
  • Health News and Resource This site from the UK comments on timely health topics and provides useful accurate reviews of health information.
  • Healthy Diet An excellent overview of a healthy approach to eating.
  • Healthy Wage Go here to earn money for losing weight- you contribute, then if you lose enough weight, you get more than that back.
  • Hearing and Balance Check here for useful information on hearing, balance, speech, taste, and smell!
  • Helpful hints to stop tobacco use You'll find a helpful handout about quitting smoking here.
  • Interactive Tutorials Using animated graphics each tutorial explains a procedure or condition in easy-to-read language. You can also listen to the tutorial.
  • Irritable Bowel Diet This site gives information on the Low FODMAP diet that is supposed to help people have fewer irritable bowel symptoms.
  • Kidnetic.com Super fun site for kids- interactive games make eating and moving healthy fun!
  • Living Will Check here for living will forms and information about living wills and durable power of attorney in TN.
  • Living Will/Advanced Care Plan TN Living will form.
  • Lose It! This site has an app to help you have a healthier lifestyle.
  • Mayo Clinic Site Mayo's great site for reliable medical info.
  • Medication Assistance If you can't afford your medications, check this program out and ask your doctor to refer you to the Dispensary of Hope.
  • Mediterranean Diet The Mediterranean diet is known to help prevent heart disease and strokes and to improve life expectancy. This site will give you information about the healthy way of eating.
  • Medlineplus.gov Health topics, drug information, medical encyclopedia and dictionary.
  • Meds for the Needy This site can help you find free medication.
  • Men's Health Men, check here for information about how to stay healthy.
  • MTMC Our hospital site with links to resources in Rutherford County.
  • Nasal Rinses This site has instructions and a video on how to use the neti-pot to rinse out your nose and improve sinus and cold symptoms.
  • National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute NHLBI has great info about heart and lung problems, including how to prevent them.
  • Patient Information Blurbs Health information on various topics from the very respected publication UpToDate.
  • Personal Med Scheduler Use this site to keep up with your medications, schedules, when to reorder, etc.
  • Prescription Drug Discounts! FamilyWize gives people discounts on prescription medication.
  • Preventive Services Calculator This site helps you figure out what you need to have done to stay healthy or catch problems early.
  • Quit Guide A quit guide for smokers is at this site and is full of encouraging tips.
  • Quit Smoking - AHA The American Heart Association's quit smoking page.
  • Quit Smoking from the Surgeon General Need help to quit smoking? This site has several links to information.
  • Reviews of Health News Find out if what you are reading is reliable
  • Senior Health Information This site provides lots of health information for seniors.
  • Skin Health American Academy of Dermatology public resource center.
  • Sleep Problems Open the booklet found here to get good information on sleep and the disorders that affect it.
  • Symptom Checker Use this site to see if symptoms you have might be related to a drug you take.
  • The Health Care Law and You Go here for a video with information about the health care law.
  • Tips to Avoid Falling This site gives good advice to help you avoid falling.
  • TN Living Will Tennessee's living will- printable form
  • TN United Way Help Center Call *211 or go to this page to get assistance with problems of all kinds.
  • Travel Information This CDC site is the best resource for individuals traveling outside the country.
  • UpToDate Patient Information This site has great handouts about many illnesses and conditions and has information our doctors think is very accurate.
  • Vaccine Information This is the best ever web source for information about vaccines.
  • Vanderbilt's Site Check out the reference tools here for even more links.
  • Vegetarian diet information This vegetarian site can help everyone since vegetables are very important to a healthy diet.
  • Want to quit smoking? Great site to get help to quit smoking- including a FaceBook app.
  • WebMD.com Multimedia features are found here from a leader in medicine on the internet.
  • Weight management Go here for information about weight loss and healthy eating.