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Family Practice Partners

Welcome to Family Practice Partners, a group of 3 physicians in 2 locations in Murfreesboro, TN. Together, we provide primary care to people of all ages in a "Patient-Centered Medical Home" (PCMH).  Our high touch and high tech approach has brought us national awards for quality. We are the first NCQA qualified Level III PCMH in Tennessee and our practice has helped other practices work toward this designation.
To learn more about our board-certified family physicians, click on the name: Dr. Christine Hoffman, Dr. Susan Andrews and Dr. Randall Rickard.
Current patients who have registered may log into their charts through WebView and message their doctor or their nurses- Brandi for Dr. Hoffman, and Victoria or Nancy for Dr. Andrews and Dr. Rickard. WebView has a new address:  https://webview.emds.com/fpp/.  Your old links will not work. Patients may also view their charts. Do NOT click on the button for Patient Portal- that is inactive.  Click on WevView above or on the WebView button to the left. This is a separate login and password from Create an Account and online billpay.  At the bottom of this page is a link to WebView Instructions. Our practice was the first practice in Rutherford County to allow patients online access to their charts and nurses.
Our physicians: Click on Physicians to find the address and phone number of our doctors. Our physicians have 24 hour, seven day a week coverage provided by a group of board-certified family physicians. Our aim is to provide care when patients need it. We try to see patients the day they want to be seen. We work with our patients to promote health and well-being and want to support our patients so they can take better care of themselves. We consider our patients to be part of our team working for high quality health care.
Emergency Access: Current patients may access care by calling the doctor's number below 24 hours a day to get help. For emergencies, go to the ER.
News: The Federal Healthcare Exchange is open- you can buy health insurance here, often at a discount or with a subsidy from the government. Be patient- there are lots of people signing up which is slowing things down. Also, call 1-888-599-30011-888-599-3001 if you need help figuring out which insurance to get on the exchange or which Medicare Advantage or Medicare Part D drug plan to buy. Continental Insurance will help you apply without using the Federal Healthcare Exchange.
Instant Medical History information: When you see your doctor, you may answer questions online by using the Previsit Interview button on the upper left, or you may be asked to answer questions on the computer once you get to our office. By doing this before you are seen, your doctor will have more complete information and will be able to spend more time talking with you about what needs to be done rather than spending so much time getting your history. You may always "SKIP" questions you do not want to answer.
Patient Advisory Committee: A shout out to our patient advisory committe members for helping us improve care! Thanks to each of them for taking the time to participate.
Take Shape for Life: Dr. Hoffman has an excellent program for long-term weight loss. Go to her website for more information.  Take shape for life!  

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Family Practice Partners
We treat you like family!

Dr. Susan Andrews
Dr. Christine Hoffman
Dr. Randall Rickard



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